Custom Fitting at Reddish Vale

The Pro Shop provides a full custom fitting and repairs service. Andrew is a custom fit partner of PING, Mizuno and Titleist, and can custom fit any set of irons on-site, to your individual needs.

Andrew also provides a free of charge lie check of your existing irons and can adjust them if necessary. He will re-shaft any club, graphite or steel, and also offers a 2 hour re-gripping service.


Swing Room

The GC2 provides information such as distances, club head speed, ball speed and spin rates. You can view the dispersion of your shots with a variety of clubs, and learn which is best for you. You will be fitted using your favourite golf ball. You will know how far you are hitting the ball with each club to the yard. This takes club fitting onto a whole new level than just the bare essentials such as lie angle and grip size etc. Golf is a precise game so get your set made precisely - and just for you.

The swing room also has a magnificent panoramic view over the whole course so you can see exactly what waits outside.


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